Research on Tommy Sussex. Obsession, Developing Practice.

As I mentioned in the introduction of this module, I had listened to a speech from Tommy Sussex on two of his most recent projects at that time, one on Ukraine and the community and the other one on Knowle West.

I enjoyed looking around the area of Knowle West during my spare time and I began to find so much artistic values within the estate itself, because I came across so many quirky objects and designs in many of the  gardens, which was the main aspects of this find.

It was pleasing to read that Sussex went into his project with an open mind, even though he had heard and read negative things on the area, and how he began his project in Knowle West with no presumption from the media.

I wanted to show a less stereo typical view on the area and the residents in order to reveal the new and up and coming area that unfortunately can be seen with much negativity.

When I looked around and spoke to the residents it was then that I really began to feel at home, thanks to their warm personalities and community spirit, as well as the passion they have for the area in which they have grown up in.  Below is an image of Tommy Sussex from Knowle West of a youth, that I believe represents a stereo typical teenager.

It shows how approachable the youth are, by how pleasingly he stood for a photograph.

This photograph shows Tommy used a narrow depth of field in order to enhance his main subject, thus keeping enough background so his viewer can understand where the photograph was taken, this represents a youth on a housing estate.

The green jacket that the youth is wearing and the green hedge behind caught my eye as well as the lines on the jacket which leads the viewer from the middle of the image up towards his face, where he has his hood up, that could be a bold statement,  which is clearly apparent.

I have also noticed how the hedge leads from the beginning of the photograph from the right hand side and leads towards the youth, that leads out of the photograph on the left hand side.

I believe all of the above observations create a strong  photograph.



Both of the youths have the dead pan look and wearing similar clothing, ( see my image below)

The appearance of the youth in my photograph is much softer than the harsh look of the youth in Sussex’s photograph, also the way in which my subject stands tall and proud rather than crouched and head tilted down slightly where the eyes of the subject in Sussex’s photograph are barely visible.

I also noticed how the youth in my image is wearing a blue cap and a blue hoodie and so does the horse tack. There are also a lot of red in this photograph, from the brick work, the flower in the basket which is hung on the wall of the house and the horse tack which  also has some red on it, as well as the horse cart that stands behind my subjects.

For this image I wanted to give a less shallow depth of field, in other words make the back ground slightly blurred, so my viewer can recognise that the photograph is taken in a garden where the houses are clear enough with regards to vision, thus enhancing my main subjects.