Professional Practice & Work Experience In Photography 2

Statement of intent

This year I aim to progress technically and academically, in order to achieve the knowledge needed for this industry and preferred subject matter.  I am currently working on a documentary project, I intend to produce a video and photo book to illustrate my story on an area of interest.

I enjoy photojournalism, editorial and documentary style work and I feel the development Practice module will give me scope to progress as well as to achieve the skills and knowledge I need for the future, on the desired area of practice.

Working on my brand identity will also be key this year and in year three, as well as learning business skills, and putting this into practice, so I have a greater understanding of working as a freelance photographer in the future, as well as learning about potential companies.

This year I want to get as much out of the course as possible,  I shall be attending as many workshops as possible that are relevant, as well as attending seminars from guest speakers/photographers.  I intend to incorporate portraiture into my work (generally) as well as to be flexible within my approach, because I do not wish to sell myself short by narrowing my skills in this career.

I will be seeking to work for a local news paper, as well as other newspapers around the country, I will be contacting them via email and telephone.  Where possible I will walk into the company and ask to speak to the relevant person by calling beforehand to ensure I ask for the correct person.  I believe this to be the best way to sell yourself face to face.

Concerts are also an interesting subject to photograph, documenting a specific venue for instance such as Glastonbury festival is one example.  I would need to look up events which are running throughout the year around the country.

I would also like to have some experience working in a photographic studio, where I can brush up my skills working in a studio environment, using lighting as I enjoy portraiture,  I incorporate portraiture into my work most of the time, this will give me the chance to work with clients and learn various skills.