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Appraisal from assisting a commercial shoot.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive this.

Julie Flanagan Appraisal

work experience

Estimate and Invoice

When pricing a job for a potential client, and  once all the details have been discussed it is important to produce an estimate to give the client. This gives the client an average for the cost of the service they will receive for the product or services required.

A purchase order is an order number for a product or service that is to be carried out, this gives the company (photographer) insurance that even if the client pulls out the photographer will not lose out financially.

The invoice will be issued to the client once the job is completed.  This is a bill for the cost of the job, product or service.

EstimateTemplate (1)




work experience

Work experience, a photo of mine used for the website for a local City farm

City farm

I walked in and asked if it was possible to take some photographs around the farm and to document some of the volunteers.  They were very pleased and happy that I was interested in their farm. I learnt that not only did this space in the middle of a City provide farm animals for everyone especially children who do not have the chance to play in a countryside environment but it has allotments as well, where residents can have a plot to use or simply work along side other s in a designated area.  There is also a huge green house where seeds are sewn.  I also found by researching that the organisation help with various social issues because they provide support and the chance for people to help out mucking out the animals and feeding them.  There are also special needs groups who support people with learning difficulties, this place is truly amazing and such a tranquil place to spend the day….

Below is a photo that is used for their website 72Dpi:

Julie Flanagan JF Photography



screen shot of website and one of my photographs

work experience

Emailing for Work Experience.

 Unfortunately I have not had a reply-I am calling them today.

So far I have emailed several photography studios and they all say the same, that they do not take on work experience.

Emails below:


Name: Julie Flanagan
Session type: Enquiry

Message: Dear Coralie,

I am a mature student in my second year, studying BA Photography at the University of the West of England.

I have looked through your website and feel inspired by your style of work and creativity. I admire the way you engage with families, newborn babies and children alike.

I have visited your studio, in hope to speak with you regarding work experience with yourself, but unfortunately missed you on several occasions.

Would it be possible to email me regarding this.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards
Julie Flanagan

Thank you for your message and I am so sorry for the delay in my reply. 
I am sorry to hear that you haven’t been able to catch me. The start of this year has been a little crazy and I have been in and out of London working three times already since the new year plus several location sessions so the studio isn’t always open as advertised. I am sorry. 
Unfortunately I do not take on work experience students. I work on a session by session basis so it is just me in the studio and have quite a personal approach to my work so when I am in a session the studio is solely for that client. As I work with children I also have to consider safeguarding for my clients as well as my insurance, which doesn’t cover me for work experience or staff that are not accounted for my policy. 
I remember trying to get work experience when I was a college and it can be hard I know. I hope you fine something based on your chosen area of interest.
All the best for 2017


Dear Rhiannon,

I am a mature student, studying photography at the University of the West of England. I have been looking through your website as I am looking for the right studio to hopefully do some work experience at. I realise that you cover many aspects of photography, including animal portraits, which I enjoy. Your website is full of interesting textual information as well as visuals, I would be truly grateful if you would be able to offer me some learning time with yourself at your studio. As I would like to have experience working with clients in the studio environment and not just at the University.


Dear Julie,

Unfortunately we don’t offer any work experience or placements at the studio. Best of luck with your studies.

Kind Regards,