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developing practice, Development practice progress, edits, obsession

Edits Developing Practice, Obsession. Knowle West


I edited my very large selection down to the above, however after presenting my presenting this edit my tutors it came to our attention  that I do not have enough coherent work to produce a series of prints, and to just work on the video.

My story board and final prints edited from the edit above are below in  PDF.







developing practice, Development practice progress, obsession

Obsession – Developing Practice Video Moving and Still images.For submission

My intention for this video is to represent the older generation in Knowle West, in an area and location that the events are held where I have family connections, Knowle West and the Community Centre are places where my roots of my family  have been from for several generations.

After speaking with the people that attend the Tea dance it is evident that this group is an important part of their lives, for so many reasons, all the elements that make this so important for them is for the social and physical aspects, as well as to get out from their homes, where they become invisilble which results to loneliness and in some cases depression.

The people that attend this group range from eighty years upwards, they are an inspiration to the next generation.  Unfotunately sequence and Waltz style of dancing is dying off, due to no one learnig or practicing this kind of dancing anymore, whcih is a shame.

When I was a child from the age of four year I began ballroom dancing, and I really enjoy this style of dance.  I had a dancing partner who was in the Second World War and every festive season we would have a dance or two together, unfortunately he passed away last year he was my hero for so many reasons.

This generation are my inspiration, they have so much to tell us and are full of interesting information, many have achieved so many amazing things along their journey in life.

When the Tea dance first started there were around one hundred peopele that attended about twenty years ago (approx) now you can them on your hand, it is a shame such a long lived dance is almost at an end.

My other just as important factor for  my video is the ambient light, where I demonstrate creatively through my imagery the way the light flows, it catcches my subjects in an effective, beautiful and dramatic way, as well as the dance floor where it flows across  creating a spot light effect, where the subjects dance on and around this natural ambient light.

The room where both the Tea dance and Friendship group are held have very long windows each side of the hall, so there is always some form or amazing natural light source for me to work with.

Friendship group: this is a very large group with varied ages that attend to play bingo, there are also people who have specific needs. There are many positive factors with this group such as the mentally stimilating aspects and social interaction which this group offers.  It gets people out from their homes and is an important part of all of their lives.







Knowle West Community groups

developing practice, Development practice progress, obsession, story board

Developing Practice, Obsession-Story board.

My thoughts on the video were going to be of landscapes around knowle West and the housing estates, this would also incorporate portraits and one or both of the Community groups that I am currently photographing.  However once I presented my draft during my presentation in front of my peers and tutors it was agreed it would be best to just use the two groups for the video.  Below is my first draft which can also be seen in the presentation which is also on a blog post.knowle-west-presentation-1knowle-west-presentation-2


My second idea is below:



Final edit-below on three story boards covering the video from start on page one to the end on page 3.






developing practice, Development practice progress, obsession, risk assessment

Risk Assessment: Obsession, Tea Dance and Friendship Group

For each shoot, it is important to scout the location beforehand, then to produce a carefully thought out risk assessment form. Below is a risk assessment I produced for each of my shoots, the form is the same simply because the location is the same.  In both groups people are walking or dancing around the dance floor. It is important that I keep my attention on what is going on around me at all times, and to inform the group that I am using a tripod and to keep the walk way clear at all times, so the people do not need to pass me at any time.  I stay with my equipment at all times and any equipment I am not using is stored in my bag in another room underneath a bench, so there is no hazards.



developing practice, Development practice progress

Tea Dance – Obsession, Developing Practice.

The Tea Dance, is a social group for anyone that enjoys ballroom dancing and sequence dancing. There are only a few people who dance ballroom so it is mainly sequence dancing, however the few who can do ballroom dancing would like more people to join that can do several styles of dancing within this type of style dance.  The group is very small and friendly, when it first began there were approximately one hundred members. The members are concerned for the group and the lack of interest in this long term style of dance. That unfortunately the fear that sequence and ballroom is dying off, and soon will be an historical fact, because the following generations do not have interest in dancing.

I called Kenny the person which runs the group and I asked if it would be possible to take photos’ and video clips.  He was very pleased about my interest in the group and invited me to the group.  I have only managed to shoot once, due to other commitments at University.  However I am going again tomorrow and I am very much looking forward to seeing everyone again and getting some video coverage and more photographs.  I did not get many photographs the first week as I was busy introducing myself and getting familiar with the camera I had borrowed from the University stores.  I had very little time to go through the camera, as I collected it an hour before the group started.  So in the morning before I left I watched a you tube video on where the settings were.


The members of the group were all very welcoming and were pleased to meet me. They told me some of their history and one person knew my grandfather from my mothers side.  Below are contact sheets and a few photographs’ from my first shoot.  I aim to go two- three times in total.  Time is getting very near for the submission of the video and photographs, so I am not sure whether I will have time or need to revisit twice, that one more time may give me enough footage and photos’ for what I need at this time.

First shoot:





Second shoot:

Tea Dance shoot – Plus photographs’ on white card of what was the local public house, before it was demolished. Photos’ of the Public house are from the Community Centres archive.

The weather was glorious and the sun was shining through the windows, which was fantastic.  The shoot went well,  but unfortunately a few photographs were not very sharp.

The shadows and light really added definition and atmosphere to the photos.  I was very pleased with the ambient light source on this shoot and I found I did not have to increase the ISO very much, I found 400-800 was sufficient. PDF below with some photos’ from this shoot.

I also used the 50 mm lens which I found difficult to get used to, but realised the photographs had more clarity.  I also noticed  the brightness of the photos’ which both elements made a massive difference creatively.  I found because I was able to use a wider aperture I did not need to keep increasing the ISO. However the downside of using this lens for me was consistency with sharp images, even when I was using a tripod.

We had some real fun today and they have become more relaxed around me, which is great.




Third shoot

The sun was beaming across the hall so much that I decided to ask some couples to stand in the middle of the light, that flowed through the window behind them so that I could take full body portraits, incorporating the wonderful natural ambient light which lights up the subject, thus creating a nice shadow within the frame and on my subjects.  I directed my subjects where I wanted them to stand, which was in the middle of the light that shone on the floor.

There are some photos’ below on a PDF which demonstrate my desired look of the photographs’ and use of the ambient light.