Editing and selecting images for my final body of work.

After each shoot I created a contact sheet for the blog and print.  I would look through and select images I felt worked, taking into account, the quality, then check them on the computer, always keeping in mind that I may produce a Zine and video, or a video and prints.

Below are photos of some edits for a possible zine and video.  I created as many photographs as possible of people whilst they were socialising and none staged captures including video clips in case I decided to make a video.  I also produced staged portraits for print or to add into a zine.

During the final edit tutorial it was decided that there were not enough photographs to produce a zine.  I expanded on my video so I could produce a coherent body of work that sat well with the voice over I had already recorded a few weeks previous and the portraits that were selected are printed for submission.

Creating my video:


20170407_131823 (1)20170407_14030320170407_140326

Final video below:



2017-04-16 12.43.08 PORTFOLIO BOX


Final sequence, of my series of photographs, for submission:

2017-04-16 13.18.25.jpgpppp.jpg


Photos I have printed for submission as part of my final work. As I begin to sequence them, into colour, landscape, portrait and content….

2017-04-16 11.46.38 SEQ 2


Research creating a Zine:

I was editing down images that I had been working in order to produce either a zine or prints, below is my final selection,  which during tutorial was  noted that the selection was too small to produce a zine.  I was intending on making around a thirty portrait zine, so very small.  However I began to research ideas in which I could produce this and found some great ideas and this one in particular stood out.  To produce a bible type of book would need many photographs and text than I had prepared for.  This I shall take into account for next time, this would have been my first attempt to create a zine and because I was intending on producing two different forms of visual work and with little knowledge and experience I fell at the first hurdle it would seem with regards to the zine…..

However I have a good collection of strong images to use as prints, which I was also working towards and enough photographic work for the video.

See  images below my  process  and thoughts on ideas, to finish my final body of work for this part of my project.


Editing and learning how to produce a zine:


2017-04-16 11.15.31 zine eds.jpg

This gave me a better idea on the actual making of the body and I asked questions about various aspects of the making process in detail.

20170403_104715 (1).jpg

Photogrparaph taken at the University of the West of England

At first I thought of producing a type of booklet, because I knew the series I was producing for both video and zine or print are completely separate with regards to style, for example most portraits were staged and more theatrical looking than the natural captures of people socialising, so as I was aware that I could not use both in the video or zine.  I continued to expand on the portraits which I had less of.

Ideas on booklets and front cover style:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once I had got close to my final edit I realised there may not be enough photographs for the booklet and definitely not enough for the bible style book. After having the edit tutorial with my peers it was clear that I was going to finish producing the video and print A3 size photographs from my final selection of portraits.




Photographs above taken at University of the West of England.


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