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Intersections – Research on the members of the coffee morning at St Barnabas Church.

I have enjoyed meeting new people, people that are interested in the same place as myself that have so much information and stories to tell of Knowle West and the church itself.  Most people at the coffee morning have some form of connection with the church other than to preach and socialise.  Some married there as far back as over fifty years ago.

Eva – see photo below, she is an amazing and loving person, she was fourteen years old during the second world war, she mentioned how she was walking down the road when she heard what she thought were fire works, she asked a man and he replied “IT IS BOMBS GO HOME….”  she told me how she had three older brothers fighting in the war and that she would pray each night for their safety and return home. It is a moving story and one I shall never forget.  She also told me her father was very strict and he said if you ever bring home an American I will knock you and him into next week…..(I’m sure not literally!)However she did make me laugh.  It was when the area of Bedminster where she lived as a child was bombed that her family moved to Knowle West, where she has lived ever since..

Cathy the Vicar has been in charge at St Barnabas Church for over two years now, and some of the people were telling me how much better it is there since she has taken over.  There are more activities, fun days and the summer fair, including so many different events that include all ages and young families.


Marion who plays the piano for the church, brought in a box of photographs to show me that her father took and developed at home.  They were fascinating, it was lovely to see her family and her as a young child.  I was so honoured to see these and the fact that she was excited to share her past with me.




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