7th shoot – Intersections

I asked around again to check that everyone had filled out a model release form, as I did every week and handed some out to people that had not, due to not going the weeks I was there, or not attending for a while.  I also collected them and left some with the Vicar just in case someone had been missed.

If I think there is a person I have not seen at any point during my visits I ask if they know why I  am there.   I always make the time to explain and hand them a copy of the A4 sheet of paper which gives  more in-depth information.  I found having the script at hand quicker so I could get on with making my project and not having too much time where I was explaining.

I had about an hour in total each visit so I tried to create a nice size body of work, thus socialise and become part of their social group, whilst creating friendship and a bond with them, without neglecting my work, if this makes sense…


I continued with video recording because I did not have much with families and young children due to the toddlers beginning nursery school.  I focused on the voice recording and chose to video around the speech from the Vicar that I had recorded some weeks previously.

The coffee morning was very busy this particular morning, the busiest I had seen since my first visit before Christmas.

Everyone seems to be so involved in my work now and I have seen a difference in the past month, with regards to their participation and the sense that they are now feeling at ease with my presence and particularly the camera.  The enthusiasm they have now is brilliant, which makes it much easier to photograph there.   I can definitely say I have grown a lovely friendship with everyone and feel so welcome.  I have enjoyed working at St Barnabas Church, I have always felt welcome, they are always so happy, and greet me with a smile, asking how my journey was etc when I arrive.


Screen shots below from this shoot:

screen shots video clips and photos


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