6th shoot – Intersections



After my edit tutorial and discussion around my work, it was decided by both myself and tutors that the final piece of work would be a series of prints and a video, that would be documentary style.  I realised I did not have enough family photographs or video clips due to lack of small children and their parents most weeks, because the toddlers had started back to nursery in the new year.  I needed to organise something so I spoke with the Vicar and parents and grand parents regarding this.  I was fortunate Brenda’s grandchild was there this week, this was due to the parents having child development and progress report at the nursery, so I took as many special moments and captured as many different expressions that I could just in case no others could make it to my last shoot the following week.

Because of the interview the Vicar gave whilst I recorded her using the zoom was very much about young families and family events held at the church, I realised I must produce more work that is coherent with the voice over for the video.


Some screen shots below from this shoot:



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