Story boards-Moving image – Intersections


I have been listening to the voice recording on the zoom and looking through photographs and video clips in order to sequence the time line of my video, and to edit down possible photographs and video clips for sequencing and quality.  I then divided the photographs into files, definite and possible photographs, along with the file for video clips that I had edited down.  I found I had very little family shots or video clips of children, so this needed to be addressed.

As I created my video, I realised I needed a few more images and video clips to sequence with the video as it was running through with regards to the voice over which directs you through the story at St Barnabas Church.  The ones I had  did not flow as well as I hoped, they needed to seamlessly fit in with the sequence of the voice recording.

I made sure I noted these down as well as to arrange for more families with children to attend.

Below are ideas as I make decisions on which photographs and video clips to use and where to place them in the sequence. Nothing is set in stone at this point.





template_strybrd_8panels-download 2nd idea


template_strybrd_8panels-download 3rd idea


template_strybrd_8panels-download – 4th idea


template_strybrd_8panels-download – 4th idea continued


template_strybrd_8panels-download – 4th idea continued x2


My final video story template with a possible change on one story board.  To be decided on final replay, as I continue to edit my final piece.

intersections pg 1


intersections pg 2



intersection pg 3


Today I finished creating my short film on the community spirit at St Barnabas Church.  It is part of my diary, where I am collating visual material as my family documentation of the area in Knowle West, where my fathers side of the family were once from.

Unfortunately it seems that this area has been tarnished with negative coverage and known as a broken part of the City…..

This is my story, as I explore the area by information given by my long lost family, as well as by searching via street maps and walking around exploring the vast circumference.



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