work experience

Work experience, a photo of mine used for the website for a local City farm

City farm

I walked in and asked if it was possible to take some photographs around the farm and to document some of the volunteers.  They were very pleased and happy that I was interested in their farm. I learnt that not only did this space in the middle of a City provide farm animals for everyone especially children who do not have the chance to play in a countryside environment but it has allotments as well, where residents can have a plot to use or simply work along side other s in a designated area.  There is also a huge green house where seeds are sewn.  I also found by researching that the organisation help with various social issues because they provide support and the chance for people to help out mucking out the animals and feeding them.  There are also special needs groups who support people with learning difficulties, this place is truly amazing and such a tranquil place to spend the day….

Below is a photo that is used for their website 72Dpi:

Julie Flanagan JF Photography



screen shot of website and one of my photographs


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