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I have written about a photograph that is from a series from Under Gods by Liz Hingley as part of my research activity below:

Research activity



Liz Hingley


bill-viola-was-massively-influenced-by-the-early-artist-nam-june-paik-who-was-from-korea-1932 (2


Bill Viola





Humphrey Spender

humphrey-spender (1)


Humphrey Spender

I like the subject matter of his work, I feel it has similarities to that of mine, including the way his subjects are lit using ambient light, which I have created similar into my project. When I was researching his work I found that he too had taken the light into consideration, and I that I am also documenting the working class, as they socialise over refreshments.

Spender was interested  in documenting people during their daily activities/routines, as I am also.

Spender worked alongside Tom Harrison who can be seen playing the piano in the PDF above, Harrison was the founder of this project.   He read an article at the local library from Charles Madge, who was a poet/ journalist and sociologist, advertising the Black-heath group.  The aim for this documentary was to conquer the divide between the North and South (class).  In David Halls book’ Work town’  he argues that the organisation were recruiting middle class intellects to take on the documentary which led them into the lives of the working class.  Hall also mentions how Harrison employed locals and working class people to help undertake this project, and how with this pioneering work the task had been achieved, he says that’ like me from the Northern working-class background,who went to University in the 10960’s’.

download (1)

20th century

download (2)

The composition of the photograph above works well, I feel the person on the right that is almost cut out of shot works, as he leads us into the image from the right hand corner. The area within the frame is lit well, lighting up the subjects, perhaps there is a window behind the man on the right and in front of the man facing. The large newspaper and decor takes you back in time, however this does feel timeless by the suits they are wearing and white plates that we see today, it seems odd how one person is not wearing a suit and is stood up, perhaps this is intentional, it could be staged.  He also has a cigarette behind his right ear and he stands out from the others, the other men seem to blend into the scene and the man stood up seems to appear that he blends into the dresser that is behind him, which could seem more so because it is a black and white photograph, the size and whiteness of the newspaper draws the eye towards him, he is the main subject it seems.  This photograph is tightly cropped which gives the impression that it is zooming into concentrate intensely on the table with the men sat around it.  There seems to be quite a lot going on around a small table in such a small area  with the intention of keeping the viewers attention perhaps, it seems the photograph was taken from higher up, perhaps he stood on a chair to take this, I think this works in my opinion zoning into the frame at almost a birds eye view, especially on the objects that are on the table.*&imgrc=3U1XZjmtZLPWNM:



George Gallop




Below is a PDF with information on my thoughts and ideas, regarding this video above.

On the video above Killip talks so passionately about his work.  The way in which he tells his story is very much how I see mine. It comes from his heart as mine does.



Ken Grant









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