Edits for Developing Practice Intersections


Tutorial with John Maclean-Guest speaker:

I have since been for a one to one tutorial with an external photographer who was our guest speaker that day.  He said I have some strong images and he likes the way I make use of natural ambient light.  He said my work for this reason is quite unique. This was a promising remark and he also mentioned that I should either chose to create this part of the project one way or the other, which I am aware of and glad he mentioned this anyway, as I had been told this at one of my presentations.  presenting my progress in all these forms, getting feedback from peers and tutors has helped me tremendously, with regards to progressing my style and editing during the process.

 Presentation I made to show my peers during class tutorial:

Below is a illustrated presentation that I presented expressing my thoughts with the images selected thus giving my reasons and ideas on progressing forward with my project.  I had a mixture of images so that I would prefer for a video and some that  I would ideally use for a series of photographs or to use if I made a zine.

1st edits Intersections





1st edit:

I have  had a few tutorials with various tutors, I took on board all that was said by each tutor and I have come up with my edits which are attached below.  I selected 34 images out of the five shoots (one of the five shoots was the test shoot)  Since then I have done another shoot and I have one more arranged for the following week.






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