Intersections 5th shoot Developing Practice

I have been taking portraits for possibly adding to a zine, I have also been recording  because at this stage it was unclear whether or not I would produce a documentary style video, or a zine.

I did not video this week.  I wanted to concentrate on ideas for photographing portraits and to organise for the following weeks shoot with everyone.

After a few tutorials and discussions around my imagery I had swayed more towards focusing on portraits, however I had lacked portraits of children and this particular week after mentioning this to a few grandparents they managed to bring the children for half an hour as soon as the coffee morning began, due to other commitments they were unable to stay for any longer.  It was a short time but I made that time proactive and the children enjoyed it, although at times they seemed a little confused when I was directing them.  I found I needed to show them what I was asking them to do and I needed to position them at times, I would say “face me but look at the candle” they would look directly at me or turn their head.  They did not stand still  and I soon realised it might be a better idea to capture them as they play, they were only two years and about three years of age so I could not expect too much and I am happy with how our short time worked out.  I found that the eldest child liked to pose and once she began to feel at ease and her mum said” show the lady your pose” she very shortly did start to pose, it was so funny.

I found the lady sitting in the chair and standing by the chair with her coffee cup at the alter at first was very nervous, it took quite a few shots for her to feel relaxed, once she was relaxed we began to get some interesting staged shots.

We used a red bow as our fun theme this week many people including Bella the toddler wore it for a photograph.  I want to make my time there fun and enjoyable for them as much as for myself and completing my work.  Together we all make great team work, I am sad it is almost at an end there.  However I will definitely be visiting them when possible.



Screen shots below PDF:




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