Developing Practice Intersections 4th shoot

This shoot went so well, the best so far. The sun was shining giving me great shadows as well as being able to be more creative using natural ambient light.  The people were very relaxed and willing to participate in my image making.  I asked if they could stand in a certain place and positioned them if necessary.

So far I have managed to record the Vicar asking her questions by using a zoom, asking questions such as 1. How the coffee morning benefits the local residents, 2. What types of activities the church holds and lastly 3. How the media portray the area of Knowle West and the community.

I have also produced some video coverage during the 2nd and 3rd shoot.  I took my light and umbrella on this shoot but found it was not necessary to use.


I am aiming to include  photographs of people and objects such as the cups coffee/tea pots etc, so the viewer will have a clear understanding of the environment, looking at Martin  Parr’s early work black and white on The None Conformists, and seeing how he made such fantastic use of the natural ambient light and his subject matter in the church including the image of the outside of the building, showing the light from the windows.  I aim to include the way the light floods in through from the natural ambient light and sits nicely on my subjects and objects within the church and hall.

I enjoy taking portraits and incorporating natural ambient light as much as I can, however it was suggested that I use my studio lights on a dull day to overshadow the indoor lights thus create more natural ambience,  because of the yellow hue the lighting in the ceiling in the hall, because it is ruining some of my photographs.

Since the class tutorial I have managed to re edit the few photographs that I was not entirely pleased with, regards to the yellow appearance from the indoor lighting, and by adjusting not only the white balance as before and saturation, I manually adjusted the Kelvin and changing it up or down until it looked correct, this was very pleasing and I am glad I persisted with this issue and now I am able to overcome this without the need to use any additional lights. however taking on board my advice I took my lights and felt it would be important to add the use of  lighting into my risk assessment, so I made a new one.  Fortunately the weather soon picked up and the indoor lights could be turned off.  I have found from this week that the weather has made such a difference and I shall continue to bring my lights just in case we have  a very dull day, because the church hall is too dark not to have any lighting when the weather is dull and there is no natural light  flowing through, I have turned the lights off to see how dark it would be and it is so dark without lighting, plus I was also told that because of the nature of peoples illnesses such as disabilities , sight impairments and elderly that the lights would need to stay on during dull days, which I completely understand.

I like to create a dramatic look to my work as much as possible in some way or another by use of props, how my models are presented to you by a gaze or action and use of natural ambient light.

risk assessment


Martin Parr – Non Conformist Black and white series



Below are the contact sheets from this shoot







Below are some screen shots from this shoot:

SCREEN SHOT 5th shoot


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