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Professional Practice/Personal promotion material



Links for research on fonts and logos:


Logo and typography research

It is vital that I get my brand Identity right.  The colour, logo and typeface all represent me and my business.  I have to put many elements of my brand into perspective and consider carefully each aspect of my creativity.


As part of my Professional Practice, I have designed my website, I have links to my social media sites, with easy to navigate and clutter free pages. The gallery has separate albums that are clearly named. I have a contacts page, that includes an introduction and links to my social media sites.  I also have a contacts page that includes a short and easy form where enquiries can be sent directly to my email.  There is also a blog, the link to my website is below.

Below  is a PDF, of some screen shots as I document the process in making my website.

Process as I create my website

A photo of my current business card:

I chose grey for my brand to use within my website, business cards and billing documents, giving a consistent and coherent finish to my brand identity.   I find grey is neutral, it does not represent gender and is not too dull such as black thus taking into account that bright dashing colours may be over powering.  However as a creative, one does put these aspects into consideration, but this is where I am currently, at this point of my development.


Website business card design

I have been looking at online invoices so I can get a better idea of how to produce one as an example to express my understanding of billing this way.  I came across this company and found the invoice straight forward, simple and clear.

I then decided to produce my own personalised invoice, as an example of a professional invoice that I could reproduce. I have blanked out telephone and mobile numbers on the invoice below.


EstimateTemplate (1)

An estimate is an assessment whereby the photographer prices up a potential job


I had a meeting and discussed the price which was agreed.   Once the job was complete I issued the client with an invoice which is illustrated below in a PDF

Description invoice

PDF below of screen shots and a business card I have designed from a sight I have been looking at, regarding changing my logo in the near future.
LogoWebsite business card design

website researchwebsite comparisons

website research

Choosing fonts for my brand identity typography

fonts a company who sell fonts


Aspects of choosing my font to be considered




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