professional practice, professional practice week

Professional Practice – Professional practice week

I attended four out of seven workshops which is not very much I know.  I had an open tutorial which fell on my second workshop and I had a few workshops in preparation with my essay to attend.


We were briefed on the entry requirements and elements such as work experience for two to three days at a school would be desirable.  unfortunately it was only school age that the workshop was discussing, if I was to go onto teach it would be college upwards age bracket rather than school age.

I did feel this particular workshop did not suit my requirements however it was interesting and I found out some useful information and found the workshop very informative and clear.

Another workshop that I attended was about volunteering, where Anna talked about skills we can gain and develop by volunteering.  Also information on drop in service was explained so anyone can ask questions and book some volunteering, one example of how valuable volunteering can be is for the future by adding volunteering  onto your CV, thus creating a more impressive C V as well as making us more employable because most employers look for experience as well as the qualification, volunteering is a good way to gain experience.  Some professions such as teaching expect a certain amount of volunteering beforehand.


We were shown the creative club on the internet where the volunteers produce a creative fun program and help as well as teach their skills to others in a class room environment. We were also informed about an action day, which is a taster session lasting about seven or eight hours, where people can go out for the day as a volunteer to see whether it is for them or not.  We filled out a form expressing our strengths and weaknesses and experiences that we have had throughout working or volunteering.  This is useful and can be helpful for understanding strengths and weaknesses especially when working in a group, this informs the group each ones skills or weakness and therefore enable the team to create a strong working force that will enable them to work together to their best ability thus producing a stronger and more successful outcome to the task that is in hand.



This workshop was very good for understanding how bill payments will be made and help with reductions and other such information on council tax etc. It was interesting to find out that in between course end and beginning of new course that under graduates are liable to pay  full council tax fee. However there are various aspects within the paying system that change from individual house holds.  The threshold for paying back student loans was explained on repayments, for example if one earns £21,000 or above then they are liable to start paying back their student loan.  the repayment is 9%  of the total amount owed from the student loan that will be deducted each month from the salary , so if someone was payed £23,000 a month then  £15.00 a month would be deducted from the monthly salary.  I also found out that if the loans are not payed off in thirty years it gets written off. I did not find I learnt a lot from this workshop and feel I should have chosen another one however it was not time wasted because it was very interesting and informative.


Immediate Media:

Emma Bowkett the Editor and director of the Magazine FT Weekend Magazine, introduced herself and the company, along with others such as Chris Bramley also an editor and Sarah Powell,  cooper, who is head of recruitment.  Wee had a briefing on the history of the media company and how they have progressed over time as well as to add TV selling programme as well as magazines and online magazines, we were told they have plans for another TV programme that in the pipeline due to launch in the very new future.  They are a dynamic company and are moving with the time as everything evolves they are also.

It was mentioned that the editor is the voice for the photographer, that they largely rely on photographers to produce a strong edited photograph. Immediate Media are looking for something fresh, new ideas, such as fresh ways to tell a story.  They always select a photographer they believe to suit the brief.  Emma also expressed how she prefers not to include typography on photos or to crop them.  An open day was organised and information was provided including a leaflet.

Open day Immediate Media:

The morning began at 11:00am.  I arrived and signed in at reception and was given an identification badge. During the speech they covered everything and more that they had during the Professional Practice week.  We then went upstairs where we could ask questions and listen to staff as they explained their role and a bit about the company.


It was really nice to speak to the editor of the wildlife magazine and find out how she works etc,  and I had a lengthily conversation with her.

I really do not think that an editors job would be for me, not there anyway, because of how they work.  I would not be producing the photographs and I feel it is too much of an office style job.  They use freelance photographers, so maybe in the future I will be able to freelance for them or another company.

Overall it was good experience attending the open day and has had me thinking and realise a few things about myself.





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