Developing Practice 3rd shoot. Intersections

I felt that everyone including myself were more at ease.  The people at the coffee morning have got used to having a camera present and forget I am there.  I began videoing last shoot and continued to do more this time, as well as interview the Priest using the voice zoom.  I will not know whether the outcome of this particular part of the project will be a short film or a zine, or even a series of photographs, this will all become clear nearer the time of submission.

After having a tutorial last week it was decided that the best lens for the room and portraits would be 35 mm lens.  It was the first time I had used this lens and I found it worked very well, giving me a larger coverage of the area I was shooting without having to step back as far.  I do like close up shots as well and feel it is important to take both full body and half body shots and close ups of certain elements that will emphasise the meaning of my project, such as a hand pouring milk into their tea.  My idea for this is to  show the community embracing their leisurely time together and helping one another, thus representing the community spirit, as well as to promote the support they have for each other.

The natural ambient light was beautiful this day, I made use of it as much as I could during the morning.

I am thinking of presenting my final images in black and white.  The lighting is problematic and the colour of paint on the walls bounces off and creates an even more yellow hue, which indoor lighting presents us with.  The space is too compact to use studio lighting as well as a high risk factor for the elderly members and children alike. .








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