work experience

Work experience

Work experience Julie Flanagan

Photographing a newly refurbished function room.

Total hours: approximately 7 hours

Assess room prepare risk assessment. approx half an hour.

3 hours evening shoot

1 hour morning shoot

1 hour viewing photographs making selections for print

1 hour post production and printing (approx)

Quantity of photos and sizes were confirmed on our first meeting, as well as discussed throughout the duration of the preparation and print selection.

On Saturday I took photographs of a newly refurbished function room.  I knew the room because I have been there before, however I felt it was necessary to view the room beforehand which I did several days before, so I could assess the area and create a risk assessment.  I also checked for plug sockets, and I went over a few details with the bar Steward and expressed my ideas of where I will be positioned so I get the best view possible.

The open evening was to begin at, so I arrived around to set up the lighting in a safe but suitable place to create the desired lighting needed.  I also needed to do some test shots so I could set my cameras aperture, ISO and shutter speed.  I used 28 mm lens, this gave me a wide enough angle to photograph in order that I get most of all the room from the angle I was shooting in.

I used a Nikon D800, two studio lights which I placed either sided of where I was shooting, aiming upwards but tilted towards the front, in order that the light would bounce off the white ceiling and help eliminate the yellow huge that indoor lighting can cause,  I also  used a Phottix flash on the camera.

The clients asked for a photograph showing the new refurbishments with the room empty, plus an atmospheric look.  I found using a step ladder the best way to photograph the room to its full potential, regarding the subject matter and capturing as many peoples faces and expressions as I could.  I also took some photographs using the tripod which I had set taller, in order that I was not just standing among the vast amount of people, especially as I am not very tall.

Below are a few photographs that I took from my mobile to show the set up, I did move the light which was closest to me several times, I had someone to stand next to the light when it was further out because unfortunately the best location for that light was by the toilets, so for health and safety reasons I ensured all cables were neatly out of the way and someone at all times was stood by the light.  I also had an assistant that held the step ladder whilst I was shooting, who put it away in the cupboard as soon as I had finished with it, so there were no unforeseen accidents.


I achieved all the photographs and there were no problems.  It was a confined space to work in, and quite challenging with regards to the health and safety aspects, I needed two people to assist which I had already in place.  The Bar Steward was not available until the same evening, which was a shame because myself and the entertainment were busy at the same time preparing.  The Bar Steward knew I was going to take a few photographs before the open evening and assured me he would be there all day.  However he was very busy and it was impossible for me to go earlier.  I took into consideration the time it takes for me to set up, which I had spoken about, as well as the entertainer arriving to set up his equipment, which unfortunately clashed with the time the room was available to shoot. I took some shots before the event began and prepared the lighting and camera etc for when the open night began by taking some test shots and moving lights and myself accordingly.

I knew things could be hectic with staff at the club and other factors that can happen in between so I also went the following morning to take  photographs of the room, which I had already put into consideration beforehand.

Taken with my mobile above, to show as an example for lighting set up.


Below are a few photographs from the evening of the open night.

_DSC9020.for print 100dpi_wm_DSC9055 dpi 100_wm_DSC9084.dpi 100psd_wm_DSC9086.100 dpipsd_wm_DSC9096.dpi 100psd_wm_DSC9099.dpi100psd_wm_DSC9117 copy A2 100dpi_wm

Commercial Photography:

After reading about this genre of photography, I believe that commercial photography is used to help sell a product or service as form of advertising visually.

I have come to realise that this particular job comes under commercial category.  I would think that it is important to have an understanding of how things sell and how to drive the audience visually for the prospective client.




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