work experience

Work experience

Even though my main interests are documentary and portraiture, I am looking for work experience in different fields, because I aim to be flexible in my approach, I do not want to cut myself short of any opportunities in the future

So far during my work experience, I have shadowed/assisted a wedding and assisted on a commercial shoot.

I have photographed a wedding for a friend and I will be photographing another friend in March this year.  I enjoy a challenge and trying new things, even though working out of my comfort zone is sometimes nerve wracking.   Martin Parr said once on a symposium I went to at the M Shed ‘To progress as a photographer one must work outside of their comfort zone.’  (How I remember him explaining, not exact words but along those lines)

I walked into CA Photography and Print studio that also provided different types of stationary and printing services, to enquire about a possibility of work experience.  Unfortunately the photographer felt he would not be able to teach or be the right person to have a learning assistant.  I did not ask why for a few reasons, I did not like to sound rude, and he did express he is quiet at the moment and that he would not be suited for a student and that he has an assistant already.

I then walked towards another photo studio, but unfortunately it was closed.  The notice said, ‘ If I am not at the studio, then I am out on location making memories’.  

I have since been back to the studio which is called Studio1 and there was no one there.  On Friday I typed out a draft email asking whether it would be possible to do some work experience at the studio. I found it difficult to word things as I was expressing how much I like the style of work produced and about my interests in the email,  it needs tweaking and expanding on several aspects before I am happy enough to send it.

Studio1 is very similar to CA Photography studio, they both photograph families and newborn babies upwards.

After looking at the website I realise the beautiful quality finish and lighting used as well as her creativity would be fascinating to learn as I watch and assist her, ‘if I am successful that is?’

I am hoping I can do some hours of work experience at the studio, because I really enjoyed seeing her work and she shows she has great passion, and the expertise in her work is outstanding along with her knowledge.

Photographing new  babies would be wonderful, I have photographed one newborn baby and I did enjoy it, I have photographed him a few more times since and he is now three years old.  So that is nice to see them grow and develop as they become little people. I understand the patients needed and how exhausting it can be photographing babies and especially toddlers so I will be prepared for this and having children of my own gives me more knowledge on this subject matter as well.

I was blown away by  the photographers work, it is really inspiring, I am hoping that this works out and she agrees

My  aim is to learn how to use lighting creatively in a studio environment as well as to tease some more creativity out of myself during the course of working along side other photographers.  Working with clients in a studio space and using props etc will be new to me and I believe I will benefit a lot by assisting in a studio. I intend to learn about many factors such as pricing, cost as well as to see relevant paper work such as purchase orders and invoices.  I want to see the structure in which they are presented and I will ask questions as I cover different aspects of the job during my learning and work with photographers.


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