Developing Practice Intersections 2nd shoot St Barnabas Church.

For this assignment I aim to use the light in a creative way, in order that I enhance my subject and subject matter in an effective way.  I have been looking at the idea of a theme for this next stage of Developing Practice, such as Diane Arbus with her images on the twins.  I am thinking along the lines of having two ages stood together from one end of the spectrum to the other,  below is an example of my idea a photo montage to demonstrate. in some cases as below one would be sat and the other stood, due to mobility issues with some of the older generation.

This quote by Diane Arbus stood out to me. ‘My favourite thing is to go where I’ve never been.’

The quote above has significance to my project.  The unknown, seeing my project unfold and develop whilst it changes and grows into my story, as I experiment with my ideas as well as fulfilling my reasons for this project with regards to my family of three generations that have connections to the area of Knowle West, also because this church is where my family including my father was christened. A place that I was once disconnected with due to family separation.

Below is an example from Diane Arbus twins.


Below is my idea -which is not set in stone, this is an idea I have been toying with since my first shoot in December. Photos’ taken from first shoot.(Photo montage as my example.) Plus some photos’ from this shoot.






I will be discussing my ideas with my tutor and peers in the coming week.  I have taken a variety of photographs during this shoot.

Contact sheets below:





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