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Reply to email for work experience. first rejection

So far I have assisted in a wedding, and a commercial shoot, both with local photographers.  Total hours to date is twenty one hours.  It is not about the hours I have done, however it is good to keep a record of work experiences and hours that I have put into my work experience learning, this will be continued now throughout my learning for the future not just for my assignment, because not only am I enjoying all the experiences along the way but it is good to add to my CV.  I will be able to learn many skills and gain ideas as I work alongside other photographers, which will help enhance my work and knowledge in the long term.

9th January I received the email reply below, for work experience with a local newspaper and photojournalist .  It is a nice reply and I am pleased that I received a reply, which may not always happen.  It is courteous to reply, whether it is a successful or unsuccessful reply.

Dear Julie


Sorry to take so long to reply to your email.

When we spoke last year I think I was interviewing or just getting to know a new photographer.

Sadly, because of budget cuts, he was made redundant and we are back down to just one photographer, me!

I’m finding the extra work a challenge and don’t feel I could give you any time for work experience.


Good luck and best wishes for 2017

Mark Atherton



I have been talking to photographers and making enquires for work experience.  I have visited a studio where an ex lecturer at the local campus has a portrait studio that also covers commercial work as well as branding.  The studio is based in the local town, it was closed when I last went to enquire due to the festive season.  I believe due to my enquires she has a young family so the studio was shut until this week for the full school holidays.  I will be going into the town today to meet her and hopefully come back with a positive  outcome.

I am planning to learn varied types of photography during my work experience in order that I am flexible and able to work in various ways, thus not being restricted in my approach.


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