Developing Practice – Continued into second semester. Introduction and risk assessment. St Barnabas Church, Coffee Morning.

I called the Church and spoke with the Vicar the previous week, firstly I introduced myself, then I began asking  questions about the group.  We had a good Rappaport, as though we had known each other for some time. We discussed a day and time  for me to meet her.

I looked around the Church and hall where the Coffee morning was held looking for good areas in which I could photograph as well as any hazards that I may need to take into consideration.  I re visited a few days later and introduced myself to everyone at the social group (Coffee Morning)  Everyone present that day was happy except one, so this made it very pleasant and easy for me to go around photographing as they went about their morning.

I asked if there were other social groups that are held at the church and found there is also one during the afternoon on the same day.  So this will be my next possibility to photograph.

I will be revisiting in the new year and staying in Knowle West to ask the other group which runs during the afternoon if it would be possible to photograph them.

Before I re visited I made a risk assessment which is below.  It is important to take all risks into consideration when scouting the area and documenting them as well as to be vigilant during each shoot at all times.



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