Developing Practice – Continued into second semester. Intersections – 1st shoot(Test shoot) – St Barnabas Church, Coffee Morning.

I explained who I was and what exactly the photographs would be used for, such as my personal use, for the internet such as my website and You tube, should I produce a video and possibly a zine for part of my project submission.

I had a printed A4 sheet of paper that I left on each table explaining the background of my journey through this project and a bit about my family and the connections I have with the three generations that previously lived in Knowle ‘west and that they were Christened in this church.  I also mentioned to everyone that I will be bringing a model release form which they will need to fill out that is then evidence for myself that I have permission to use their photographs for my work and on the internet.  It also safeguards both parties as means of consent which is very important.

I mentioned that one day I would like to produce a photo book and they may be in it.  Everyone seemed very interested and excited about this.

I can not add the model release form on here, well at least I do not think I can?!  Because it is property of the University. However I will submit them if I need to as evidence.


RISK ASSESSMENT St Barnabas Church



Today went extremely well.  I took some photographs of the people socialising, they were happy for me to just capture natural expressions and they all seemed very relaxed, no one tensed up or looked at me whilst I was taking their photograph, because I had explained I would take natural photographs’ and some portraits

As I was going around the room I would ask if I could take some portraits, everyone was pleased to do so.

Because it is the festive season  I thought it would be ideal to photograph some people by the Christmas tree, as well as to include some Christmas decorations into the frame on some shots as well.

Below are some photographs and the contact sheets for this shoot.


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For this shoot I used indoor lighting, as well as making the use of the natural ambient light from the high arched windows that run either side of the church hall.  I am directing my subjects in front of the ambient light that beams through the grand high windows and positioning them side on, so I can use the natural light creatively.  I have issued model release forms to everyone. Everyone on the contact sheets are happy to be used for my project and other materials which will support my personal project in the future. I am also waiting for some forms to be returned in the next few weeks, due to various reasons, one is for the parents to give consent on having their toddler photographed and to give me the rights to use for varied media sources.



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