work experience

Work experience. – Commercial shoot.

6 hours, including travel:

Today I went on a Commercial Shoot with a local photographer to a tyre company in Swindon.  We arrived at 8 am, it took about two and a half hours to prepare the area that was going to be photographed.  The brief stated they wanted the photos’ to be taken from the loading bay and just inside within that area.  To photograph two particular people who were named, then the footballer with the director, the team of twelve, group photos’ and back of lorries which have photos’ of the footballer from the local football team that the company sponsor, as well as to photograph the brand on the side of the lorry.

I have attached photographs below, to illustrate this as evidence and research for this shoot.

The most time consuming part of the preparation was deciding where the stands would be placed. I stood on the loading bay whilst the photographer looked from outside looking in to the warehouse.  I moved them several times, sometimes with the help from staff and the photographer, we all mucked in because there were a lot of signs and some were placed quite far back in the beginning of the isle in the background.

The building which we were working in today is a listed building, and one of the James Bond films was filmed there.  The Architecture of the building is fascinating.  I have also attached a photograph to show how extraordinary the warehouse is, illustrating the fine details that boast beautifully in the rustic bold structure of the building.

Firstly I helped set up the lights and check they were all in sync, I then placed them accordingly.  Dome lights and an umbrella with diffuser were used,  to give a soft light.  The umbrella was the main source of lighting.   More lights were needed, inside, so I placed one each side of the subjects because it was very dark looking from the outside in when they were stood on the loading bay.

For the group shots inside of the warehouse The umbrella was the only lighting that was used, apart from the lights in the warehouse.  I placed the umbrella which was the main and only lighting inside for these shots in front of the subjects.  I have also attached a photograph below which shows where the umbrella was positioned, during a test shoot.



Both dome lights were placed either side of the subjects for the inside shot up on the loading bay, where the subjects are looking outwards towards the photographer.

The lights lifted the subjects as well as the close background in which they were situated, so there were less shadow on faces and more detail was shown and not blacked out.


The two photographs’ above illustrate where the lighting was situated as well as the type of lighting used for the shoots.

Only the main light source was used, which is facing the group shot in the photograph above.



The shoot went well and was very interesting to be part of, this is my first commercial shoot (well taste of)

I believe it would have taken less time if there was more organisation beforehand and communication with the drivers and the photographer.  Some things were not accounted for and the area had not been scouted before either. It was a short notice agreement arranged by email, so I guess some factors may have been difficult to put in place before today.  However the drivers that drove the lorries over as arranged could have been briefed and the photographer could have drove down as it was only an hours drive to scout the area and discuss the outline at least.  For example the decisions had to be made on which loading bay they would use, the driver drove to two wrong loading bays after instruction by the manager who had be instructed by the photographer.  Things such as reversing lights and hazard lights were left on by the lorry drivers, very tiny factors but with regards to attention to detail quite significant.  I mentioned this and only then did the manager ask the drivers to turn them off.  Unfortunately one of the drivers did not turn them off and had to be told again, by which time the photographer had taken some photographs’ of the back of the trailer.  Silly snags I know but one that could have been spoken about before the shoot began.  The location for the last shoot was not organised and dragged out quite a lot.  I also noticed the photographer had to face the very strong sun and with little room to manoeuvre to position himself accurately to the side for instance where the sun would not effect the quality of the photograph.

The last shoot would ideally be done as the first shoot when the sun was low and not bright or last. which could have taken another hour or so even later during summer months for the sun to be in a better position.



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