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I follow Gill on Instagram, I have included a photograph from his series on Hackney Flowers from his Instagram account, to show re resemblance of mine and that both Gill and myself believe the photo alone tells the story, that all the necessary information is in the photograph.

My idea is to represent the contrast between nature and urban housing estates, which sit side by side.  As well as the contrast with each other with the views and visual elements, that can be seen up in the Northern Slopes.  I have led down and shot the blade of sea grass and dandelion seeds which are my focal points thus blurring out the built up area in the distance, using depth of field.

I have always been fascinated with Gill’s work. I like the way he adds elements into his film whilst creating his images, such as Brighton in Brighton.  It could be anything from a piece of string, and berrying his photos for a few days so elements of the area could embed itself onto the image itself.  He is an inspirational photographer who has an extremely creative imagination who likes breaking the rules and experimenting.

His open landscape and mixture of urban and residential photographs on his series Hackney Flowers intrigue me,  I want to show my explanation of the contrast between the urban and residential area which sit side by side in Knowle West.  I believe that both Gill and I are demonstrating visually the contrast and juxta positions of urban areas by photographing in an abstract way thus emphasising the relevance and connections between both nature and man made elements.

Gill places the flowers on his camera, he mentions in the you tube video that he bought a plastic camera for fifty pence from the Hackney market, he said how at that time in the late nineties and early two thousands, photography was very much about  the technical aspects such as pixels and Dpi, he expresses how –

You tube, Gil’s quote:

‘It was so nice to shake that off, for me certainly and to put the content in the forefront          and technique second’

I aim to show my viewers the Northern Slopes which sits side by side of the housing estate in Knowle West, how the contrast between each and how the area has so much natural beauty all around it.

Below is an image from gill’s Instagram account as reference to my findings.





One of my abstract photograph’s from my project on Knowle West, in the Northern Slopes:




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