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Research – Peter Mitchell Photograph analysis. Obsession, Developing Practice.

During tutorial my lecturer mentioned a few photographers to look at.  I have been reading about Peter Mitchell who is a documentary photographer, who is originally from London that now lives in Leeds.

Whilst I was looking at some of Mitchell’s photographs’ from his series on Strangely Familiar, I came across quite a few good examples which I found relevant to my ideas on how I wish to photograph. The photographs’ gave me a good indication to how I need to stand further back, as well as framing my subjects.

My camera is  a half frame and the camera I am using for my project is a full frame.  I was told by a lecturer that I am able to stand further back and I can crop if necessary without any distortion to the quality of my photos’ by using this sized sensor.  Unfortunately I have been working with a half frame camera for many years, and I find it difficult to change my approach.  But with perseverance, I will be able to produce a better photograph, with regards to framing and composition.

Mitchell made a hardback book, that consists of sixty eight pages on his project called strangely familiar that he created in the 1970’s in Leeds.  Mitchell took photographs using a step ladder whilst out driving  a lorry  delivering electrical goods, during that time he needed a job other than photography due to finances. He photographed shops and the shop owners as well as factories.



The photograph above shows the content having contrast with regards to the building and landscape in which it sits.  The cafe is clearly a temporary fixture, which contributes to the oddness and juxta position; as well as the Pylon which is to the right of the photograph, amongst the organic shapes in the background.

The photographer has taken the photograph in a direct approach.  It seems that  the pylon is in the frame for a reason; this could be a statement ? A personal or political statement perhaps, or maybe the Pylon is in the photograph to show  the contrast between natural and man made elements, within the framing, as well as the reality aspects of our countryside.

I find quirkiness and oddness quite fascinating, I enjoy adding these elements into my images.

It is my intention to stand further back when composing my photographs and walking towards my subject rather than zoom in.

My photograph below demonstrates my approach, that is similar to that of the photograph above by Peter Mitchell with regards to composing and framing my subject matter.





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