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Knowle West Friendship Group shoot. Obsession, Developing Practice.

The Friendship Group has various ages, there are older people and people with various disabilities and their carers, the group is very friendly and welcoming.  They play bingo and socialise with their friends, this group gives people the opportunity to meet new friends and time to socialise.  People are welcome from outside of the community and they would like their group to become known outside of the area.

I began my work at this very large group by introducing myself via microphone. I have also typed out my speech so anyone that was not present or could not hear due to hearing impediments for example can read the print.  I explain how some photographs maybe used in my photo book at a later date.  I also expressed how I would be uploading my video online as well as some images, that will represent my project.  I have also printed out release forms and handed them out on the tables to be collected at the end of each week that I attend.  I am taking them with me each time just in case some are unable to attend.  It is vital I have permission on paper as well as verbally, so there is no come back of any sort at a later date.

Below is a photograph of me introducing myself to everyone.



Below are some contact sheets. I have also taken several video clips..



I typed up my introduction for anyone that missed my speech, to hand out the following week, for anyone that could not hear me clearly due to having a hearing impediment, for example, and I handed them out.

My name is Julie Flanagan, I am a student at the University of the West Of England.  I am studying photography.  I have been working on a photographic project here in Knowle West since spring of this year.  I found myself creating more and more work over the summer months and found I really enjoy it here, and I have not stopped coming back!

My father’s side of the family lived here, and so I feel my routes are in Knowle West.  The hall in which we stand, was once the dinner hall of my father, uncle and Aunties school. All the family now live in Canada and my Auntie lives in Australia.  This project means a lot to me, it is like my family tree.  It has been fantastic visiting all these places where my family has history.

I would like to get involved with your group and to photograph you whilst you are socialising as well as to take some portraits of you if you are interested, if anyone wishes not to be photographed or videoed please let me know before we begin.  For those who are happy for me to photograph them, I am happy to print a photograph of your choice, for you to have.

I intend to produce a photo book and short video on Knowle West, so some footage and photographs may be used from today and other shoots that I do at the Friendship group.  I have put forms for you to fill out, for me to confirm that you are happy for me to use your images/video footage. I will collect them during the first and second break during today.

Many thanks for your support, it is very much appreciated.

More Annotations and contact sheets are on the contact sheet page

Shoot 2

The shoot went very well, and the ambient light was quite bright as well, so I took some photos’ of the light coming through the open doorway and reflections on the top of the bar etc. Some of the younger generation had a laugh and did funny poses,including a recording of someone singing a football song, the spirits were high this afternoon….  The atmosphere was fantastic.

I have attached a PDF below of some photographs from this shoot.




Shoot 3

Today went extremely well, the ambient light was bright as usual, and was coming from both sides of the hall, spilling over the floor.  The people are more relaxed around me now and have been coming up to me to ask to have their photograph taken

I have been concentrating on taking full body portraits whilst making good use of the ambient light.  Unfortunately I cut some peoples feet off, because I am still struggling with the distance whilst composing the shot.  For still portraits I have been using the tripod, because the camera I am using is much heavier than my camera, thus I am trying to produce sharp photographs, which is not always success.

A PDF below of some photographs from this shoot.




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