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Jane Hilton, guest speaker

The guest speaker Jane Hilton visited the University this month.  She introduced herself and talked about her life as a practitioner.  She showed us her presentations on her projects that included a large range of images demonstrating her stories.  I found her work interesting, because I enjoy this style of photographic genre.  Her subjects were interesting and she is a confident speaker who explains how her projects progress.  Listening to Hilton, gave a feel of becoming to know her subjects, because she was so descriptive with her information on individuals as well as the locations such as their homes.  Hilton photographed elements within the home as she also photographed the subjects themselves creating some fascinating and quirky portraits.

Hilton told us how she is inspired by John Wayne and cowboy films, and how she became fascinated by the way they live. Hilton’s decided to create a project on Cowboys which took her to America, where she found many families that remain to this day living as they did before modern technology etc.  Here are some examples of her photographic work below  from the project on Cowboys which she calls Dead Eagle Trail.

I like the way she uses the ambient light which shines through the window onto her subjects.  She never used any lighting on this project, and made use of the ambient light to create her desired look, thus creating shadow as the light emphasizes the facial features and the subject.  Hat were a very important prop in this project and she would always ask the Cowboys to keep their hat on or to put it on if they were not wearing one.  She likes the style of the Cow boys, one would say obsessed with the whole Cow boy thing.  We are all obsessed with our subject matter, that is what gives us the buzz to keep shooting and researching, because we enjoy what we are doing.  For my project on Development Practice I am also using ambient light and windows for my portraits with no use of a speed light.  I want my portraits to look natural, as Hilton has done here on this project with her portraits on Cow boys.  Hilton is an inspirational photographer, who travels and enjoys America.  she also documents a variety of interesting subjects such as Jolly’s Circus and the brothels’ where she photographed girls in Nevada situated in the Western State of the USA.


Hilton is currently producing a film about the Lost Lion Tamer in the UK. The Final Roar.


Hilton photographed the last Circus shows where they use animals, due to the ban of animals.  Thomas Chipperfield’s family that have been training animals in a circus for approximately 300 years. He wanted to express that it was not cruelty and that the animals were cared for and had plenty of living space.




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