developing practice, Development practice progress

Developing practice, Obsession. Research for my video. My video on You tube also attached.

I aim to produce a short moving stills video.  I have an idea of how it will look, but not the sequence.  To organise my final selection of images, I will lay the images out and narrow down my chosen selection by pinning them up and going back to them until I have made my final edited selection. This process will take some time to do, and will be a vital part of this video making.

I would like to have an audio voice recording or two of one or two of the local residents from one of the community groups, where they can express their lives and experiences as they have grown up in the area.

I am making some video clips to cut and add into the photographic sequence in order to show my audience my approach on Knowle West,  as another form of expression, they will consist of land (open spaces) and the local community hall.

The Community Centre where I have been photographing and videoing was once a school, my Father, Uncles and Auntie went to this school.  I believe this building has significance for this reason and I wish to embrace the character of the building, because of the historical factors. I have been told by the staff at the Community Centre that it is under renovation, and before this time it has only been maintained and not very much has changed with regards to the original features.

I feel a massive connection to Knowle West, the people and now the Community Centre for this reason.  I feel my routes are there, and it feels like home to me.  It is very difficult to put into words, how incredible the area is and how much it means to me.

I have been looking at films for inspiration with regards to capturing my short video.  I have been watching how the camera focuses and the angles on the subject and how lighting effects the mood of the scene.  I was really blown away by the ending of a film I watched on Netflix called “I am the pretty thing that lives in the house.”  Due to copy right I am unable to supply any examples from this film.  So I have a few screen shots to show how the light works in this film, and how I am trying to incorporate this into my videos at the community Centre. The windows are large and there are windows both sides of the hall.  The hall is bright  and the ambient light has been very strong and I have noticed how it is thrown out over the floor,  so hopefully with the right weather conditions I should manage to produce some shadows and contrast from shadows produced by the ambient light that shines through in a powerful way, from the south facing side of the building.

A photo (screen shot) below shows the hall, at the Community Centre at Knowle West.


The photos’ below are from the film that I screen shot to show my idea.


Written and directed by Osgood Perkins.  Produced by Rob Paris, Robert Menzies. Executive Producer Alphonse Ghossin.  Executive Producer Matt Levin, Ian Bricke.  Associate Producer Sarah Deline, W. Michael Beard.

Video sourced from You tube.

My final short documentary video below:



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