work experience

Work experience – First Work experience 

I found an advertisement from a wedding photographer, for a shadow photographer/assistant on a face book page.  I enquired and explained I am seeking experience.  We exchanged phone numbers and we spoke in depth about the day, and what it entailed.  Lunch and evening meal was provided by the Bride and Groom.  I was asked to work from 10.00 am until approximately  8.00 pm.  However the pop up studio was such a success, one of busiest nights the photographer has had.  So I stayed until 12.30 am.



Photographing a wedding is something I have been asked to do several times during my time studying, for my foundation degree.  I have photographed a wedding for a friend which went very well and the bride was very pleased with the photographs, it was a very small venue at a registry office.  However I came across an opportunity to shadow an established photographer for the day and the whole of the evening of Friday 14th October 2016.

We started shooting the bride, makeup artist and hair dresser.  We then took photographs of the brides shoes as well as the wedding rings.  I have included some  images, evidencing some of the shoots, including images from the day throughout the event.  During the evening we had a mobile studio, where the guests could have a photo shoot which was very cheap, less than they would pay at a studio.  The photographs were all 10×8 sold both framed and unframed.

During this time I also took photographs of the bride and groom during their first dance and the guests enjoying themselves, capturing some fantastic expressions and lots of laughter. The evening was just as manic as the daytime, so the time went fast.  We began shooting at 10.15am and finished working by 12.30pm I was supposed to finish after the first dance, but it was so busy at the mobile studio that I was asked to stay later.


I found it quite difficult to get the attention of the bride and groom and it felt very disorganised with regards to how certain shoots will be taken, such as throwing the confetti.  I had to get close to the crowds of people to explain that we need people with the confetti on the side of the bride and groom and explain how and where we want the guests to stand.  The bride and groom kept walking away and we could not find one or both of them a few times, before we headed off to a more picturesque location to shoot more photographs of just the bride and groom. The bride and groom looked a bit confused at times with photographers requests with regards to posture and where to stand.

I believe a pre shoot would have been a good idea, this would give the bride and groom to be,  and the photographer time to get to know each other and feel more comfortable.  I also believe a plan should have been made with regards to certain shoots such as the confetti and other shots that were taken with the bride and groom, who looked confused about the style the photographer had in mind, and where they needed to stand.  I noticed and I did mention that the garter photograph had not been taken, I had taken one in the morning, in the hotel room, but the photographer and the bride did mention they would take a photograph outside in the location where just the bride and groom were to be shot. The photographer must have forgotten and I reminded him of both taking the photograph of her mother and garter but unfortunately he never managed it.

The brides mother has a serious illness and needs to sleep during the day, this obviously was not spoken about during the meeting or meetings, before the event.  Issues like this need to be acknowledge beforehand in order that certain shoots involving a person is done at the beginning.





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