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Developing Practice,  Obsession-Video stills, My story. (not the video for submission)



The house in this short video stills was once the home of my family, where my great grandparents once lived, and my father and his siblings and my grandparents.

I was emailed the address and was eager to find it.  It was a strange feeling, one I can not explain. I was over the moon to have found it and to see where my family life began, my roots so to speak.

I spoke to the current owners, a young couple who had bought the house the previous month.  He mentioned how he feels a cold presence and a door will randomly shut.

I emailed my Uncle who lives in Canada, and told him what he man had said, he called me to explain some more information on the history of my family and he mentioned my great great grandfather passed away in this house.  My uncle is in his mid seventies now and I do not think I will meet him which is sad so finding places which have significant history is very precious.


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