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Developing Practice Proposal on Obsession.



For this subject matter I will be on the search for discarded items, my find will have to be interesting, quirky if possible and be juxtaposition which will usually be the case regardless.

I propose to express the visual oddness with ambiguity of my subjects in hope to keep my audiences attention, ensuring that I keeping the project interesting,  my images will be a contrast of vibrant and muted colours.

My aim is to produce a complete body of work ready to produce a book or a zine.  I would like to show my ideas on rubbish as well as my perception on this subject matter.

Skills gaps and learning needs:

I will be using ambient light, so I will need to think of the best position to stand in order to produce any shadows of the item for example as well as making the best use from the ambient lighting.  I will use speed light on very dull days if I feel it is necessary, just to give the subject some boost of light.  I will be thinking of best ways in which to take the photograph, with regards to positioning myself and/or the subject.

I aim to be artistically creative with this project and learn new skills which will be discussed during tutorial, as I work throughout the following months.


Documenting my work in a photojournalist/editorial way.  I will be including landscape which surrounds my subject and various items of rubbish/discarded objects along my journey of field photography.  I would like to be informative as well as creative within my work and my thinking, to enable this project to be demonstrated clearly to my audience.


To shoot as many times as I feel I have achieved the images and quality of images that is necessary to complete this ongoing project.

I would like to produce a completed project that I have been working on with the end product as a zine or a book.




Knowle West.

For this brief I have achieved several shoots in Knowle West area in Bristol throughout the summer, I have shot portraits and places.  The whole aspect of this project is to visually tell my story on my family history within that area, which is where my father was born and lived as a child, as well as my great Grandparents that lived there for many decades.

I propose to express the changes in Knowle West ,because over the decades this area has progressed in several aspects, from homes being bought that have been extended from as small as a porch to  large  extensions.  Also some changes with regards to demolition and replacing of buildings.

I aim to visually show my audience the community engagement that  was clearly recognised as soon as I spoke to the local residents and organisations.  I have built up a rapport with many residents and I am now beginning to engage within the community.  I will be photographing and videoing some social events, which I am excited to progress further with, as well as the enjoyment of meeting residents that may have so much history to tell,  and perhaps photos they can share with me.

Skills gaps and learning needs:

I will be using a speed light and reflector,  as well as making use of ambient light during my outside shoots.  I aim to produce  clarity  within all of my images and to increase my knowledge of the area in which I am shooting, as well as visiting areas where my family home was and other areas such as where my family attended school, as well as any significant areas of interest that I am informed of during this time.

I will either use my new DSLR to video or the University DSLR, this  will be a new skill,  because I will be learning  to use the DSLR  camera on video mode,  along with learning new techniques as I practice.  I intend  to gain confidence using the equipment as well as having confidence when videoing the residents.



To document my work in a photojournalist/editorial way.  I will be including portraiture, landscape and places.  To show how the area has a close nit community, and superb community spirit.  I will be  demonstrating how picturesque the area called the Northern Slopes that surrounds the housing estates is, thus emphasising the  contrasts between the open and built up space that sits side by side.


To shoot as many times as I feel it needs, to complete the satisfaction of ‘variety and quality’ of the images taken for each shoot.  I have been to visit the area several times,  and I have a few more visits that I have provisionally booked for October.

I would like to produce a book on this subject , which will illustrate my findings throughout this journey  that is close to my heart.







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