developing practice, Development practice progress

Developing Practice Introduction, Obsession.


My ideas:

  • Rubbish/discarded objects
  • Exploration of an area

This module will give me the opportunity to produce my own practice and style of photography, the brief is open which gives me scope to explore and progress throughout my journey as I work through my project.  This module will also allow me to build up my portfolio and time to invest in my style and approach as I produce my body of work.

I find I enjoy many aspects of photography such as art, abstract and portraiture.  However I find myself constantly visually documenting, and I have been doing so for twenty two years.

For this module I will be focusing my work in the form of documentary. I have been working in an area called Knowle West in Bristol since June of this year; documenting the area and the residents gardens, as well as getting to know the residents; and asking if I could photograph their gardens.  I found that I had a good rapport with so many of the residents, that I had  got to know well.

My initial influence on this area was when I visited the Media Centre in Knowle West,  where Tommy Sussex talked about some of his projects,  one of his projects at the time was on Knowle West. He inspired me not for his photographical work, but for his style of work, I felt connected to his projects and his approach.

I have also been photographing objects which have been discarded, as I am out with my camera.  I have a few to add to my collection that I took during the summer months, which I would love to edit and produce a book about rubbish/discarded objects in the near future.

I discovered a photographer called Keith Arnatt and his work on rubbish and discarded goods that I believe resembled my thinking and take on this subject matter.





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